I have just contributed to the campaign, where can I pick the colors?
Please allow at least 48 hours after your contribution, for the database to update. Then, if you haven't received and email yet, visit this page: incharge.rocks/colors

My email was not found in your database. Why?
First of all please make sure you are typing the correct email address you have used on Indiegogo. We update the database every 2 to 5 days. So please just wait a few days and try again.

My shipment is taking longer than average shipping times. Why?
We are experiencing many delays, especially in: United States, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. We talked to the manager at the post office and he assured us that all of the orders will be delivered and that these delays are common when using economy shipping. So, please just be patient.

Where can I check my order status?
You can check your order status here: incharge.rocks/status

Processing: your order has been confirmed, and it will be prepared soon. At this stage you are still able to edit your address and color choice.
Ready for shipping: your envelope has been prepared, and it will be shipped very soon.
Shipped: your order has been shipped.

Can I track my shipment?
Since shipping costs were included with your order, we had to go with Economy shipping, therefore tracking code is not provided.

Where can I check the carriage times to my country?
You can check them here: Carriage times. Please refer to the green column.

Where are you shipping from?
We are shipping from Switzerland.

Why has my order been "Ready for shipping" for a long time?
As you can read in our last update, we prepared most of the envelopes to be shipped many days ago.

Where can I check my address?
You can check your address here: incharge.rocks/label

I moved. Can I change my address?
You can change your address only if your order status is "Processing". To change it, please visit this page: incharge.rocks/label

My address is wrong but the order is already shipped. What can I do?
We are sorry but since your package has already been shipped you can't change your address at this time. If your address was wrong the package will be shipped back to us. Once we receive it we will ship it to you again to the correct address.

My order was shipped a while ago, but I haven't got it yet. Why?
Many times the delay it's caused by incorrect address. This happens because when shipping large quantities of envelopes, the labels are read by a machine and if the address is not in the correct form, it may slow down its delivery. Correct form example:

Firstname Lastname
Street address and number
Postal code, City State

You can check your address here: incharge.rocks/label

I have got my inCharge. Where can I leave my review?
Your feedback is important to us! Please leave your review here: incharge.rocks/reviews

I have got my inCharge and I want to order more. Where can I do so?
You can still get inCharge here on Indiegogo, since we are part of the Forever funding program.

Is it possible to request a refund for my contribution?
If you have changed your mind, you can request a refund if your order status is "Processing". If your order is "Ready for shipping" or "Shipped", you will need to wait until you receive the perk, then you can ship the package back to us. Once received, we will send you the refund. Please note that we will refund you only the amount we have received, we are not able to refund Indiegogo and PayPal commissions (4%+5%).

Other questions?
If you didn't find your question here, contact us at: info@incharge.rocks